Class Inspiration

This is my GIT 210 class work!

Zuzanna Czerny


I would love to focus on web development and game animation!

My photo is on the side!

I am going to pursue a Master’s Degree in an art or  a design school, I don’t quite know where yet but I would like to travel around and see what it is like in different countries (mostly Europe) and different states!

I am from Poland; I have lived in the USA for most of my life however I am fluent in both Polish and English. I have lived in Poland, Minnesota, Utah and now Arizona. I have worked as a designer in a professional children’s theater, taken part in Skills USA winning second place for audio and radio and I have been the graphic leader of a print shop in Utah. Currently I am CTI Comm Shop’s student graphic design. I love to travel around (serious wander-lust) and draw. You will probably see me with my sketchbook out all of the time! If you don’t know who I am, I am usually the girl with a bow in her hair… I just adore bows!

If you have not already, please go check out my art! And make sure to like my facebook page!


That is my thinking style document!

I believe I am C and D the last two out of the four because that’s how I act!




Here is my personal symbol.  If you know me then you know that I love simple designs that are edgy and can be used for fashion and cool art! I love Fall colors so I decided to put that into my symbol and I also liked cool european styled fonts because I am from Poland so I placed a waved font instead of a strong or straight one! I thought about designing a more futuristic one however I figured that I loved vintage styles more so this is what I decided to go with! Cute, edgy and simple!


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