A Chair for Mr. Will Wright

This chair was created for my classmate, Will Wright. Will has a warm personality and is from San Diego, Calofornia. His favorite pass time is to redesign planes for US Airlines and he loves aviation as a whole. When I was talking to Will about his chair requirements he specifically metioned that he wanted a power outlet in the chair so that he could charge his laptop while sitting there and doing work. Another thing that he happened to mention was the fact that he wanted a soft material that was a pretty sky blue color. That was easy because we were not actually dealing with the materials so in this case I was able to just paint something in to make it look like that. So after talking to Will about what he liked and what he pushed for in life I came up with a crazy chair design for him.


A company that creates chairs had this little pod, I decided to grow from their idea and create something a college student could find more useful. In this case it was a layout pod that you could purchase in four different colors: San Diego Blue (For Will), Ireland Green, Sarma Cave Black and Moad Blood Red. The chair also has a charging center as well as a massage chair built in. The pod turns around in a circular motion for complete privacy of the user. There is a built in touch screen and a mood changing light that allows you to relax with all of the work that you have to do. In this chai there is also a surround sound system as well as heating and cooling which makes it very nice in Arizona because sometimes it can get too hot.

When Will saw his chair I believe he was very excited and he wanted to have something real like this pod in his living room. That made me very happy because I now know that I designed the right concept for Will. I think that it very much matches his personality and I think that he would use it on a daily basis, it’s easy to clean because the material is removable and can be washed. I believe that he would benefit with having a chair like this in his home. He asked me if I could make a real one for him and I just laughed at him and said, “I can try.” I am very glad that he liked his chair!


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